What You Can Expect When Deciding To Vacation Rent With Tahoe Alpenglow Properties

Deciding which property management company to choose can be difficult to say the least. Can I still use my home whenever I would like? (Yes) How quickly can my home be ready to rent and what must I do in preparation? (1-2 weeks) Will they effectively market my home and why couldn't I do it myself? Will they pay me on time? How well will they communicate with me, and will they remain professional and courteous to me and guests? What damage protection can I have? Ultimately, who can I trust with my most beloved asset? Tahoe Alpenglow Properties 


Meet & Greet + Conduct An Expert Rental Appraisal Analysis At Your Home

Provide You A New Owner Packet With A Checklist Of What We Both Need Before Renting

Purchase Items From Mandatory Minimum Inventory List

Insure Home Is Up To Code With Extinguishers, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Insure Proper Functionality Of Major Appliances

Professionally Deep Clean Home Prior To 1st Arrival

Take Initial Video Of Home To Capture Condition & Inventory

Receive Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate From Town Of Truckee

Market Home On 20+ Sites Internationally

Create Owner Log-In To Access Reservation Calendar 



Put your best foot forward! Do not use an old camera or phone to take photos to use for marketing. These types of photos don't allow for wide shots, tend to be less bright, and of course are a smaller file due to less pixels. 

The "BEFORE" examples below were not actually low quality photos like described above, but were actually done by a real estate office and considered professional. Please take a moment to see why you should hire Tahoe Alpenglow Properties as your local vacation rental specialist, and note the subtle to major changes that we put into effect before we felt this home was considered Rent-Ready under Tahoe Alpenglow Properties - "Your Door To Everything Tahoe". 



Look at the windows in the back, and the ceiling... does our shot seem brighter and more clear? Not only did we decide to simply flip the sheets over because we felt the color green brightened up the room, but allow us to point out how we were able to capture more of the bunk beds on the right. We added an extra lamp between the 2 Twins straight ahead, placed an extra side table or two up there with lamps which were scattered aimlessly around the home so people had individual light sources, and we even configured extension chords more effectively and tied wires to make everything more simple. Lastly, we shot over the stairs rather than through them, and placed our signature towel folds on each bed so everyone feels at home!  



Here again you can see a much brighter photo. Our "AFTER" photo below also captures many more details of the bathroom which paints a larger picture. We place toilet straps on the toilets so guests know it has been sanitized before their arrival, and we also elegantly fold a hand towel in each bathroom with our signature orange hand bar soaps and mini shampoo/conditioner for guest use. Another small detail to consider is having the shower door open to appear more inviting.



This Bonus Game Room was a large transformation. We felt the room deserved more than one photo, and our photos do show a wider perspective of this room. We actually have 3 photos of this room online but decided on these two to point out some major differences.

Notice the couch configuration in the top "BEFORE" photo... we felt it made the room feel crowded and created a strange placement for the foosball table with not much more to be done with the space behind the couches. Once we uncovered the couches and pushed them to the back wall, the entire room opened up and you could really understand the flow of the room. We placed lamps on side tables, turned the foosball table horizontal to the room so those playing didn't have their backs to their family, and even mounted a flat screen television in the center so you could watch TV whether you were playing foosball, sitting on the couches, or playing pool! We even went as far as tightening the loose wire on the back wall, and placing all the games in a welcoming spot beside the sliding door. What else can you notice?



It's quite clear that this room not only feels larger, but you are now able to see the big picture which includes the mirror, dresser, and lamp to the left, as well as the flat screen TV on the desk in the back. A subtle pillow arrangement can also make a world of difference. Did you notice that you can now see the phone, tissues, and heated blanket controls separately?


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