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COVID-19: What’s Changed? – Tahoe Alpenglow Properties

COVID-19: What’s Changed?


On March 19, 2020, an Executive Order (PDF) and Public Health Order (PDF) directed all Californians to stay home except to go to an essential job or to shop for essential needs.

“Leisure Travel” is now allowed again in Nevada County, as Governor Gavin Newsom lifted the Stay Home Order for the Greater Sacramento Region, on June 12th. While TAP is accepting reservations, we ask that our Guests take precautions, implement enhanced hand hygiene, and practice social distancing around Truckee and the Greater Tahoe area. On June 18th of 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all Californians to wear face coverings while in public or high-risk settings, including when shopping, taking public transit or seeking medical care, after growing concerns that an increase in coronavirus cases has been caused by residents failing to voluntarily take that precaution. Under this state law, those who violate the new requirement could be charged with a misdemeanor and potentially face a financial penalty, according to a representative for the Newsom administration.

All Businesses, Stores & Restaurants In Truckee Require Face Masks To Enter. Restaurants Now Also Provide Outdoor Seating


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Tahoe Alpenglow Properties has implemented some changes, as the safety of our Guests, Homeowners, Housekeepers, Staff, and Community are of top priority.



  • You MUST GATHER all dirty sheets, pillow cases, towels, linens, etc at departure = Place them by the washer and dryer.
  • You MUST COMPLETE at least 1 Full load of laundry at departure to reduce risk for Housekeeping & TAP Inspection Agents = Load Dry In the Dryer
  • You MUST PRESS START on the Dishwasher after loading it with all dirty dishes at departure
  • You MUST PLACE all Trash & Recycling IN BAGS & TIE BAGS = Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal Requirement. THEY DO NOT TAKE LOOSE TRASH
  • You MUST PLACE all Bagged, Tied, Trash & Recycle Into The Bear Box + You Must Take ALL Excess Trash To Eastern Regional Landfill (HWY 89)
  • You MUST REPORT if anyone has had COVID or Symptoms of COVID during their visit
We have adopted and enacted many new policies internally that took place prior to your arrival, FOR YOUR SAFETY, such as placing COVID Blocks before and after your reservation, increased housekeeping protocols & practices as well as using viral disinfectants, wearing masks and gloves, removing high touch low wash items, among other finer details. We truly hope that you will return the favor by abiding by the above listed COVID DEPARTURE INSTRUCTIONS. 
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 Further Check-In/Check-Out Details specific to your rental are found in the Guest Binder in our home that are NOT related to COVID
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We began blocking a few nights before and after each reservation where we were able to. Our Inspection Agents are wearing gloves and masks while in a rental home.


Our housekeepers are going above and beyond the standard clean which did include wiping of all surfaces. Housekeeping is now including door handles and knobs, light switches, cabinet hardware, and remotes, to name a few. They are also implementing the use of viral disinfectants, and disposing any single-use items. All housekeepers are wearing gloves and masks while in a rental home.


TAP has removed some high touch low clean items such as, throw blankets, throw pillows, tissue boxes and magazines to name a few. With the difficulties in obtaining toilet paper during this pandemic, we are forced to limit rentals to 1 roll per bathroom for the time being, so please bring extra essentials and toiletries during your stay. TAP has and will be frequently changing furnace filters.


Anyone feeling ill should stay home. Please inform TAP immediately should someone become ill during your stay. Please take precautionary measures, wear facial coverings, and practice social distancing. Implement enhanced hand hygiene. Use your best judgement, and help us keep our rental home safe for yourself and our future Guests.

  • Please implement enhanced hand hygiene during your stay
  • Please strip all used beds, collect all used towels, and place them by the washer and dryer while starting a load of laundry at Departure.
  • Please remove all trash and recycling from the kitchen, as well as from the bathrooms, and place it securely in the exterior locked bear box.
  • Any single-use items should be disposed of safely after use.
  • Please bring extra toiletries, specifically toilet paper. With current purchase limitations, we must limit each bathroom to 1 roll.


While we have implemented many collaborative changes, and put forth our best efforts to reduce risk as much as possible, we would like to be clear by informing you that all stays at our rental homes are “at your own risk”, as there may be some remaining inherent risks associated with renting a home, the surrounding areas, or within the widespread community during your stay.



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