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List With TAP

TAP is committed to maintaining your home through routine inspections, and assisting guests during their stay so that we receive positive guest reviews, maintain our friendly neighbor initiative, and insure the most return on your investment. Let Tahoe Alpenglow Properties, Open “Your Door To Everything Tahoe”!

Increased Revenues

We market your vacation rental on over 20 sites internationally! Our goal is to maximize home owner rental income to increase the return on your investment. Short term vacation rentals have the potential to generate approximately 2X the net income over long term rentals. We allow you to keep or purchase your second home without the hassle and intricacies necessary to manage it as a vacation rental. Using a unique rental pricing schedule, we are able to adjust rental rates and maximize rental income based on historical data and market fluctuations revolving around seasonality, holidays and day of week. Our management commission is extremely competitive, and our generosity when charging hourly rate for services rendered is unparalleled, allowing for higher owner revenue than other management companies in our area.

Flexible Management Strategy

Tahoe Alpenglow Properties is entirely focused on ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our performance and services as your locally owned and operated full service property management company. We appreciate the differences in each owner and each home, and tailor fit each rental strategy to best achieve your revenue and property management expectations. Open communication is our strong point, and our goals are to reduce owner stress and make second home ownership as streamlined as possible. Let us care for your home as much as you do.

Advertising & Reputation Management

We advertise your home on our website free, as well as on many other 3rd party portals to insure your property is visible to the 40+ million travelers via 20+ variable sites internationally. We also use targeted social media strategies, and implement email marketing to encourage repeat stays. We require each home to meet our “Minimum Inventory List”, and reply to booking inquiries and guest calls immediately, allowing TAP to capture positive reviews from our guests after departure. Studies show that travelers are 80% more likely to rent a home with positive reviews.


We work with multiple companies who have years of professional cleaning experience, enabling TAP to ensure the most prestigious clean from top to bottom. The job is always done on time, and also done to our higher standard. We work with the staff to train the housekeepers on the unique nuances of your home and our TAP specifics, and we perform the arrival inspections to insure everything is in place prior to guest arrival. This step significantly reduces guest complaints.

Precision of Choice

In order to maintain the high standard of home, guest, and customer service, we choose our homes wisely and screen our guests accordingly.  We choose cordial owners, well kept homes, and guests that meet our mutual requirements. We strive to offer a cleaner, better looking and more accommodating home, and rent it competitively. We conduct every day business with a cost/benefit approach in mind. Every aspect of our business is handled within our office, without use of answering services or third party booking agents. No guest is able to auto-book your home online, and once we have spoken to the guest we decide to accept the booking based on possible background check and our series of questions revolving around purpose of stay, number of occupants, and pet policy just to name a few.

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”-Benjamin Franklin

Our free and routine inspections, as well as our open communications with our Guests, Housekeepers, and Owners allows Tahoe Alpenglow Properties to be proactive as opposed to reactive. TAP is a locally owned and operated company and we work hard to minimize repair and late hour service calls. With our 24/7 guest emergency line, we are able to promptly respond to both minor and major emergencies which ensures both the upkeep of your home as well as guest satisfaction which will facilitate positive guest reviews and increase future business. We work diligently with our staff, and local preferred contractors when necessary, to maintain your home to the highest standard. Tahoe Alpenglow Properties carries General Liability Insurance, and each guest stay is inclusive of a Damage Waiver with a policy limit of up to $2,000. This means that guests are no longer afraid to report damages, and any damage reported or not reported will be repaired and/or replaced promptly and often free of owner charge when a covered damage due to our guest policies, deposits, routine inspections, and insurances. Rest assured knowing that Tahoe Alpenglow Properties is making your vacation home both profitable, and worry free.

Tahoe Donner: Covenants, Rules + Enforcement

TAP will continue to do our best to communicate said rules to our Guests in advance, and follow up in a timely manner to resolve any unforeseen issues in hopes to continue being perceived as part of the solution. We are here locally to help the cause, and our processes and responsiveness does bring positive influence. We have also fought aside other homeowners and management companies, attended board meetings, and will continue to prove that we are here to assist side by side with Tahoe Donner to make this a better place for everyone to enjoy. The future of our business depends on it.


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Spend less time worrying about your home and more time enjoying the finer things in life with friends and family, all while keeping your vacation destination available to you any time. Once signed up, you may “Log-in” to view your Calendar & Reservations, and even block your own Owner Stays.

State and Local Requirements

Home Set-Up

Listings, Marketing, Professional Photos

Inquiries, Screenings, Bookings

Guest Agreements, Rental Agreements

Advanced Reservation & Accounting System

Payment Processing

Damage Insurance, Travel Insurance

Check-Ins, Check-Outs, Routine Inspections

24/7 Guest Emergency Line



Solicit Guest Reviews

Transient Occupancy Tax

TAP will collect and remit TOT on your behalf!

The Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate signifies that the
person named has fulfilled the requirements of the Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax by registering with
the Tax Administrator for the purpose of collecting from transients the Transient Occupancy Tax and
remitting that tax to the Tax Administrator. 

We Equip Our Guests For Your Protection: Guest Checklist – Guest Agreement – Damage and Travel Insurance